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To us, capturing your special moments is way more than just making images. It is capturing your love story in the most captivating way possible! Let us tell your story the right way. Amazing. We can't wait to hear from you about your special day!

Aftinn + Greg

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Have you ever seen a movie where the actor is like blam, blam, blam, let me set off this rocket launcher while throwing this grenade down a hallway and after like the 15th explosion still doing some crazy stuff? Yeah girl thats us. Boom! Mission accomplished. LoL. Well at-least thats what we feel like when Photographing/Filming a Wedding. We truly believe at the heart of every relationship there is a great story to be told. As a team of dedicated ninjas we are trained in the super secret Martial Arts command of wait... There I go again. Haha we just want to show you a great time. Getting Married or having a Boudoir session is literally the most fun thing you can do so why not spend it with us? Over the last 8 years we have been to 600+ Weddings and put together more sessions than I can count. The more we get to know you the better we can make your memories last. Thats why we have an actual menu to order drinks and food when you have your consultations. And guess what? Everything on the menu is delicious and free! YUM! So, right about now you should be excited! Give us a call (609)521-6441


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*Add $2565 for destination weddings out of the Tri-State area
Full Service Boudoir Session Fee $395